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Biopsy Products

Product Image (Liver Biopsy Needle)

Liver Biopsy Needle

Price: 1 to 3 / pcs USD ($)

Liver Biopsy Needle is the specific instrument to perform ultrasound guided histological aspiration biopsy with Menghini modified technique and it is recommended for a safe and painless liver biopsy.

Product Image (Bone Marrow Needles)

Bone Marrow Needles

Price: 10 to 14 / pcs USD ($)

Our Bone Marrow Biopsy Needles are designed to provide quality biopsies by entrapping bone marrow in the needle without altering the sample.

Product Image (Biopsy Needle)

Biopsy Needle

Price: 10 to 14 / pcs USD ($)

Biopsy needle help to reduce tissue shear. It also provides a clean path to work through when performing multiple biopsies in the same area.

Product Image (Biopsy Gun)

Biopsy Gun

Price: 17 to 22 / pcs USD ($)

Disposable Semi automatic Biopsy needle. Light weight and compact: spring loaded biopsy needle