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Neurosurgery Products

Product Image (Ventricular External Drainage System)

Ventricular External Drainage System

Price: 22 to 30 / pcs USD ($)

Ventricular External Drainage System contains: Bag Ventricular Catheter - 30 cm Stylet Connector Trocar

Product Image (Silicone Patties)

Silicone Patties

Price: 0.88 to 1.18 / pcs USD ($)

Neurosurgical Patties are made of Viscose Non-Woven Fabric with horizontal X-Ray opaque line.

Product Image (Lumbar CSF EDS)

Lumbar CSF EDS

Lumbar EDS contains: Bag Lumbar Catheter - 30 cm 14G Touchy Needle Connector Suture Collar Connecting Tube

Product Image (Hydrocephalus Shunt System)

Hydrocephalus Shunt System

Price: 40 to 60 / pcs USD ($)

Valve, Valve with Reservior, Anti-Gravity Valve Distal Catheter, Ventricular Catheter Connector, Y-Connector, Right Angle Connector