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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients are taken for treating malaria, bacterial infections, iron deficiency, depression and other diseases plaguing the human mind and body. These are available in different types like folic acid, ferrous fumarate, clorsulon, and should be kept in a dry place.

Pharmaceutical Drugs
A range of Pharmaceutical Drugs to fight off different medical conditions is distributed by us. These are available in various forms like tablets, injection vials, syrup and start their function soon after they are taken in to show positive results.

Antibiotic Drugs
To destroy bacterial infections from the root, we are supplying highly potent Antibiotic Drugs. These fend off infections like intra-abdominal, urinary tract, skin or soft tissue, sinusitis and others. These are present in tablet, syrup and injection form.
Skin Care Products
Primarily present in the form of cream, Skin Care Products have proven to be very useful in dealing with skin infection, acne, blisters, eczema and other conditions pestering the skin. These need to be applied according to the instructions of a medical professional.
Anticancer Drugs
Serious conditions like leukemia, ovarian cancer, prostrate cancer, can be treated by proper intake of Anticancer Drugs. Types of these drugs that are available include amifostine 500mg injection, paclitaxel injection, cytarabine injection and others. These help the body by killing the cancer cells.
Analgesic Drugs
Our company is providing Analgesic Drugs which are used to provide an instant relief in cases of pain and inflammation in different parts of the body like teeth, head, ear and even the nerves. These need to be taken only after a proper prescription.
Oncology Drugs
Oncology Drugs when taken in proper dosage help in the treatment of cancer of various kinds. These are available in different forms like tablets, injections, capsules and syrup. Proper prescription needs to be followed before taking them.

Anti Allergy Medicines
Various types of allergies like cough & cold, itching, eye irritation, pet allergies can be treated by Anti Allergy Medicines. Allergies prove to be a nuisance for carrying out even the basic tasks and taking these medicines works like a charm.
Antimalarial Drugs
Antimalarial Drugs used to treat malaria efficiently are provided by us. These also work on the malaria of the cerebrum of the brain and are available in tablets, syrup as well as injection form. These are required to be taken after consultation with a medical professional.
CNS Drugs
We offer a range of CNS Drugs, which are used to treat neurological as well as psychiatric conditions like schizophrenia, vertigo, vascular dementia. These are available in sealed packaging to avoid any kind of adulteration.
Cardiovascular Drugs
Various types of Cardiovascular Drugs like finofibrate tablets, kitoprofen injection, phentolamine injection are supplied by us to treat different kinds of conditions related to the heart. These drugs are perfectly safe to take after a proper prescription from a medical expert.

Anesthesia Products
Browse through the range of anesthesia products to be used in hospitals and other health care institutes. These products are essential in general anesthesia as well as monitored anesthesia care.